Who Comes First – You or Your Agent?

Below is a link to one of our recent inspections we did for a client. The Realtor wasn’t too happy with our inspection process or report. Here is what she said: “I hope to never have you inspect another home of mine again. You tore a perfectly good house apart. Bizarre that you took pictures […]

What fixes are mandatory after a home inspection?

There are no mandatory fixes required after a home inspection other than what is negotiated between the buyer and the seller.  If the home is located where a Point of Sale inspection is required by the city of residence, then those repairs identified by the city housing inspector must be assumed by either the buyer […]

How long does a home inspection take?

Anywhere from 45 minutes to 8 hours or more.  The on-site inspection time depends on many factors such as the size of the home, its age, its condition, its configuration, if there are out buildings present, if there are ancillary inspections included such as well testing, mold testing, sewer line scoping.  If the home is […]

How much does a home inspection cost?

It typically depends on several variables.  The first being the experience level of the home inspector.  New to the industry inspectors are naturally going to charge less than experienced home inspectors who already have a steady stream of past client referrals and real estate agents referring them business.  Next, busier inspectors are typically going to […]

Cleveland Lead Clearance Testing

Detailed Home Inspections has recently become licensed to perform Lead Clearance Inspections that comply with legislation passed by the Cleveland City Council requiring owners of rental property in Cleveland built before 1978 to prove that their dwelling units are safe from lead hazards.The legislation requires income property owners or their agents to engage an independent […]

Our Reports

We use a commercially available report writing system called Spectora which is an html or web based platform available to all Inspectors for a licensing fee. However, Spectora only provides a software structure for Inspectors to use – within that structure the Inspector must either purchase or create their own reporting template with common call […]

Lead Pipes In Cleveland

Lead water supply pipes in the Cleveland Ohio area if present in a home are usually the main supply line from the street that comes into the home usually in the basement and connects to the water meter. You can tell if the line is lead if you scrape the surface of the pipe and […]

Hire an Inspector For a Non-Real Estate Purchase?

Under what conditions might it be in your best interest to hire a home inspector if you are not buying or listing a home on the market? Consider that not all but some percentage of contractors may want to sell you on a repair, replacement, or improvement you may not need since that is their […]

Investigations for Landlords and Income Property Owners

For out of state out of country owners of rental properties in the Cleveland Ohio area, we offer an inspection service to assist landlords/owners/investors in validating costly property management or tenant repair requests. Property managers typically respond to repair or “work order requests” from tenants by sending their in-house or sub contracted trades person to […]