North East, Ohio

Premium Home Inspection Services in Northeast Ohio

Getting a home inspection is a critical step in the purchase of a home. Detailed Home Inspections provides home inspection services in Northeast OH at competitive rates. We have a team of state licensed home inspectors with years of experience. Our goal is to provide all of our clients with a thorough home inspection. 

Why Get A Home Inspection?

Professional home inspectors are trained and experienced in assessing the condition of a property against the state standard. Our Inspectors can identify visually accessible problems and offer remedial measures on how to resolve them. At Detailed Home Inspections we treat every home inspection as if we were personally purchasing the property.  

Pre-Listing Inspections

A pre-listing inspection details the visually accessible condition of a property before selling and can help resolve issues that might disrupt a selling process. This can help homeowners and real estate agents identify concerns that should be addressed or disclosed. These services can eliminate any surprises found by other inspectors, which could significantly decrease your property’s value and slow down the selling process.  We strive to build long-term relationships with homebuyers and investors, delivering timely and useful reports. 

No – but it is your choice when you make an offer.  If you are looking to purchase a property, it is a smart choice to get a home inspection. A home inspection will help you in buying a sound and secure home.

No, it is not a pass-fail test, but a professional home inspector can point out certain physical flaws and suggest how to deal with them.

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